Marico The Giant Startup

An original Indian startup which soon became an FMCG behemoth, both in India and internationally, Marico is India’s leading consumer goods companies providing consumer products and services in the areas of health, beauty and wellness.
Marico touches the lives of one out of every three Indians through its diverse portfolio of various brands such as Saffola, Parachute, Hair & Care, Livon, Nihar Naturals, Set Wet Studio X, Mediker and many more.
Marico Brands
Have you ever wondered what it is like to work for an FMCG behemoth like Marico? What is the mantra that drives the organization?
Watch Kunal Bhardwaj, Group Product Head, Foods at Marico on what has been the gamechanger for the company that gave us these iconic brands. He takes you through how the culture of entrepreneurship, empowerment and taking risk is at the core of DNA that drives the organization.
“Think like a CEO, act like a CEO” is the mantra for everyone at Marico.
In the world of start-ups where speed and result-orientation is of paramount importance, it is refreshing to see a giant FMCG corporation encouraging this spirit. Marico sets the benchmark by perhaps being the only company with a flat structure and an open culture. Leadership for them is an action and not a position!
In his candid conversation, Kunal spoke about the role Marico has played in his career and what made him stick to the company for almost a decade:
“What Marico gave me was a sense of empowerment and that stems from the fact that the founder himself was an entrepreneur. He set up Marico as an organization which obviously now is an FMCG.
So the culture of entrepreneurship, empowerment and taking risks is still at the core of DNA that drives this organization”
Watch the above video to know more about the company which is as passionate about its Members ( At Marico, there are no employees- Only Members! ) as it is about its products.