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6 High-in-Demand Types of Digital Marketing Fields You Can Explore in 2023

2019, 2020…beep almost 2023

In the blink of an eye, two years have passed since the pandemic!

The dynamics of the world have changed so much that people now refer to meeting in person as “offline”. Why? Because being “online” has taken over.

With an increase in remote working and schools having online classes, people have understood the importance of the Internet and its impact on businesses. In fact, ever since the pandemic hit, over 50 thousand marketing and advertising professionals have been hired by companies in India alone.

Now, imagine the number of hires for the rest of the world! As the career gates open for a digital marketing career, so does the opportunity to choose which digital marketing field might be for you. Read on to find out!

Type of Digital Marketing: Paid Digital Ads Marketing

Paid Digital Ads Marketing is a type of digital marketing that uses paid advertisement to reach the audience. The advertisements you see on search results, or social media platforms when you search for a product or service, are all considered paid digital ads marketing.

There are various digital marketing channels where you can implement paid advertising.

For social media, Instagram , Facebook , LinkedIn , and even Twitter are great channels for when you want to target your audience with specific preferences. Advertising on social media works wonders because you can target people across all funnels.

Like, say if someone has shown interest in your ad but did not take an action, you can re-target them through retargeting ads. This is just one way you can get to them. There are way more. Paid digital ads marketing taps into the untouched parts of targeting your audience.

You can even advertise on Google through Search, YouTube, Displays, and Shopping Ads.

Why Paid Digital Ads Marketing Could Be Perfect for You!

When it comes to generating great returns, paid advertising is often the answer. It’s why the demand for pay-per-click marketing specialists keeps rising with each passing day.

Ever since the shift from traditional marketing to online, pay-per-click has become a budget-friendly option as compared to traditional modes of advertising, such as TV ads, banners, etc. No kidding, you can start running ads with budgets as low as INR 500.

There’s healthy competition out there. What has usually been the norm where big brands take the lead, making a mark for the smaller brands, even startups becomes tough through traditional ways.

And paid digital advertising makes way for a democratized way of marketing for all brands, regardless of whether they are big, small, or just starting new.

Consider Mamaearth. What started as a small startup now is one of the biggest brands in India for providing toxin-free skincare products competing with HUL and P&G.

The founders, Varun and Ghazal Alagh, understood the potential of paid advertising and hence invested 90% of their marketing budget on paid advertising across various platforms - Instagram, Facebook, and Google. Today, you know well who they are.

When you work for paid digital ads, your mind should wander over questions like, what makes a buyer buy? What is stopping them from buying? How can we make a smoother buying experience for them?

Say you have an app for laundry. You want people to install the app and get their laundry done through your application.

How are you going to segment people so you can target them specifically?

Like, one group can be college students who are short on time and need help to do their laundry. How you’re going to target them is different from, say, another group who are employees and need to do their laundry on time, with specific needs.

So, if you’re into understanding how human minds behave, what makes them tick and consider buying a product, or how they function across all funnels, paid digital ads marketing is the way forward.

You also get to work with big budgets that you use for bidding to outrun your competitors. Fancy!

To get started, you can check out our Facebook and Google Ads Course . Agencies like Publicis, Performics, GroupM, etc have hired students all across India with our course. You could be next!

Type of Digital Marketing: Copywriting

In conversation with Kraftshala’s Co-founder and Head of Student Success, Eshu Sharma , he called copywriting “the sexiest job in marketing”.

It’s true! This type of digital marketing field allows you to work on creating catchy ads for your paid digital campaigns. Not just that, quirky posts on social media? Sassy banners? All hail the copywriter.

Copywriting is a crucial part of digital marketing that makes you take an action after reading a piece of content. Call it an attention-grabbing skill that helps businesses in more ways than one. Copywriting is a means to an end - to close sales. And copywriting closes sales by bridging the gap between a brand’s product and its target audience through relatable content.

Why Copywriting Could be Perfect for You!

Copywriting is considered the hottest industry that is expected to grow by 7.6% by 2026.

The end goal of every business is to close deals, increase sales, and close sales. History is proof that being able to communicate effectively with your target audience is the way.

A copywriter knows their consumers like they know their friend. And they communicate with their consumers like that, nurturing relationships with them. They are like a creative wizard who brings two things poles apart, together with their skills.

As a copywriter, you get to work on creating slogans for a brand, catchphrases, build core communication of a brand (the big idea), and let’s not forget ads! You get to work on a bigger goal: humanizing a brand through this digital marketing field.

And if you just look at the number of job openings on Glassdoor , you’ll see that over 4.5K copywriting jobs are available in India alone.

Copywriting also does not require a separate degree for you to get started. If you’re creative, have a knack for getting to know people, and have kickass writing skills with a little humor, copywriting might just be for you!

And if you want to get started with copywriting right away, here’s a content and social media copywriting course that has helped over 700+ people get placed in brands and agencies like Beaconstac, Nykaa, Schbang, etc.

Type of Digital Marketing: Content Marketing

Content marketing is the type of marketing that gets you to complete a full circle with content right from strategizing the kind of content pieces you create, how you create them, and tracking the content’s performance to make sure your content reaches your audience.

It is what you’re reading right now. Yes, this article and all others you read online are part of content marketing where you get to create blog posts to rank well on search results. But that’s not all. Content marketing is much more. It is your entire content game that involves any type of content ranging from:

  • Blog posts,
  • Newsletters,
  • Social media posts,
  • Infographics,
  • YouTube videos, etc

From a marketing perspective, content marketing is crucial because it helps increase brand awareness and increases consumer retention by nurturing trust among your audience. And with increased brand awareness and retention, you get more visibility and see an increase in sales!

A 2020 report says 72% of Business-to-Business marketers confirm that content marketing increases the number of leads and conversions because it helps build a relationship with your target audience by establishing trust and credibility. And it’s true. You come back to those you trust! This is the essence of content marketing.

Why Content Marketing Could Be Perfect for You!

You’d have realized that most people’s minds have shifted from getting swayed by traditional marketing tactics. People, you, and I now look for ways to trust a business before we get involved in purchasing a product or service.

Think deeper and you’ll also realize that we usually spend our free time scrolling through various social media apps, or even Google to look for answers to our queries. This has made businesses realize a rise in demand for content to sway people, this time with authenticity.

Also, in 2018 alone, there has been a 33% increase in content marketing jobs. That says it all, doesn’t it?

You see, content marketing is one domain where you can be more creatively involved. One day you will be involved in strategizing content strategy for blogs, the next day you might be writing scripts for a social media post (call it a reel). Or you’ll be involved in creating video scripts for YouTube.

Content marketing is a creatively fulfilling job. So, if you are a creative individual and have a knack for writing while being able to create strategies for your content, hop on! Or, here’s a content writing course for you to get started on!

Type of Digital Marketing: Search Engine Optimization

You have a product. And you have a website for that product that you want the maximum number of people to see whenever they search for something remotely similar to what you provide. How do you do that?

While one way is by pay-per-click marketing and showing ads to people, the other, sustainable way is through Search Engine Optimization. Call it an effort to help rank your website #1 on search results.

Search Engine Optimization is the type of digital marketing that helps increase brand awareness through organic efforts and by ranking your website higher on search results and hence increasing traffic to your website. Not only does it help increase brand awareness, but it also builds trust and credibility through its content efforts.

Let’s look at the numbers :

If you compare the click-through rate of the ads to the organic websites, the websites on search positions 1 and 2 have the highest CTR. This happens because Google makes sure that the website ranking highest on search results is exactly what people are looking for. This is how SEO builds credibility and trust.

Why Search Engine Optimization Could Be Perfect for You!

The demand for SEO professionals is on a steady rise. The SEO marketing industry is set to grow and reach $77.6 Billion by 2023 . There’s a lot of demand, but very less supply when it comes to filling the job vacancies.

One reason is while you’ll hear that SEO is dying, or that SEO skills alone are not enough, you’ll miss out on one key factor. Building SEO for a brand takes time and patience. It’s a long-term process that yields result gradually.

You’ll have to work on the technical side of SEO and create consistent content to build a strong SEO game.

One brand that stands out in its SEO efforts is - Canva. You’ll find them everywhere whenever you’re looking for something that’s similar to them.

So, if you’re someone with high patience levels, and like to prove people wrong, SEO is for you!

And here’s an SEO course that can help you.

Type of Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing that acts as a direct channel to communicate with your consumers and nurture relationships on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and more. It involves creating a social media marketing strategy, social media posts, and analyzing the types of content that work for you.

And while creating content for social media is one primary part of the job, social media marketing requires a lot more work in terms of communicating with your audience, maintaining a good reputation of brands on the platforms, and analyzing and strategizing your content game for social media.

Does it seem a little similar to content marketing? Well, here’s a subtle difference:

According to Jay Baer ,

The goals of content are consumption, then behavior.

The goals of social are participation, then behavior.

Why Social Media Marketing Could Be Perfect for You!

Social media marketing has become almost every brand’s go-to for understanding their audience better, showcasing their products/services, and retaining consumers.

The demand for social media has grown even more since the pandemic hit. According to Whittington Consulting , 70% of B2B marketers invested in content creation for social media during the pandemic.

And even within social media marketing, there are diverse roles like Content Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management, Online Reputation Management, Community Management, etc.

As a social media marketer, one thing that your job demands is - scrolling on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, or any social media app. It’s called research. :P

But on a serious note, it helps you understand social virality and keep up with the social media trends that are an absolute necessity to up your social media game.

If you have a knack for creating content, writing, being creative, and like to engage with people, but also know your way through strategy and numbers, social media marketing could be for you!

Type of Digital Marketing: E-commerce Marketing

Consider e-commerce marketing as putting out a brand’s product in malls with different stores.

People have moved from purchasing products in offline stores and malls to buying products online. And e-commerce marketing has seen a rise in the opportunity to get people to engage in purchasing products in those online stores.

So, setting up shop online is the essence of e-commerce marketing. Creating and raising awareness about a brand and product offerings of an online store is key to making sales in e-commerce marketing.

There have been so many brands that you would not have ever come across if not for these e-commerce platforms. Like Juicy Chemistry , a cosmetic brand focused on creating products with natural key ingredients came to life with the help of social media, and then set up shop on Nykaa. Now, Juicy Chemistry’s lip balms are their star product and the ones to die for.

You get into e-commerce marketing by setting up shops at e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Shopify, Alibaba, eBay, Nykaa, and more.

Why E-commerce Marketing Could Be Perfect for You!

E-commerce marketing is a comprehensive field of digital marketing that involves so much more than just setting up shop online. Getting into e-commerce marketing means getting equipped with search engine optimization, content, running digital ads, and UI/UX design.

As e-com marketers, you focus on the entire consumer acquisition journey and help your audience make a seamless purchase of your brand.

According to Business Standard , E-commerce jobs are likely to create 500,000 jobs over the next few years. We know the demand is high, so we even have a digital marketing course dedicated to e-commerce marketing.

And these are some high in demand types of digital marketing fields that are going to grow 3X in the coming years. If you’re interested in any of these digital marketing fields, try them out!

If you’d like to know more about how these fields function, you can check out this to get a fair idea on what your career trajectory will look like.