Saptashi Bhowmik in Digital Marketing |   September 27, 2022 . 5 min read

Should I Take Up A Part-Time Digital Marketing Course Along With My Work/College?

If you’re here, you might be one of the two:
One: You’re in college, aren’t loving your current field, and want to advance your career in something else. Better yet, you want to switch to digital marketing, and so you want to take up a digital marketing course.
Two: You’re employed, but you want a switch to a marketing career. You’re confused about whether you should take up a digital marketing course. You don’t want to take a risk and leave your job for it.
The question arises, should you take up a part-time digital marketing course along with your studies or your job? Is it worth it? Will it help advance your career? Will you be able to manage it along with your current obligations?
We’re answering these questions below.

Can A Part-Time Digital Marketing Course Fit into My Schedule?

can a part-time digital marketing course fit into your schedule?

Juggling between work/college and upskilling in a field that we’re interested in almost feels as though we’re torn between two lives - one we’re currently living, and the life we want to have.
Well, guess what? It is manageable.

Most part-time digital marketing courses only take up 15-20 hours a week of your time. For example, in 

Kraftshala’s part-time marketing launchpad

, you would spend two hours, from 8 to 10:30 pm every day during your weekdays, and 10 to 5 pm on Saturdays. In addition to that, you’d need the rest four-five hours as and when you please to either revise the concepts better or to complete assignments.

Bottom line: it might take some adjusting to do, but you will get into a comfortable rhythm in a week!

Will A Part-Time Digital Marketing Course Cost Me A Lot?

Let’s face it.
Well, learning career-making skills can be expensive and an upfront fee can be a deal breaker.

To solve this, Kraftshala, with its 

Part-Time Marketing Launchpad, comes to you with a pay-after-placement opportunity where you don’t have to pay us until you get placed in a company with a minimum CTC of 4.5 LPA.
You get to now dive right into your dream career without having to worry about the fee!

Will Digital Marketing Give Me Good Career Growth?

Let’s address the elephant in the room.
Yes, you want to switch to digital marketing, but are there ample jobs? What will your career growth be like?
The digital advertising industry in India is growing rapidly. A sector that was sized at around 50 billion in 2015, became 200 billion in 2020 and is expected to triple by 2025. This corresponds to a lot of job opportunities in the space as well.
Another thing for you to note is that entering into digital marketing through one door eventually opens up a lot of doors for you to grow and thrive. The reason is that at the core, a lot of digital marketing roles have similar skill-sets in common.
All types of digital marketing roles - be it Paid Ads, SEO, Content & Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, etc. have in common that all of them require one to be data-oriented, while also understanding the needs of putting forward their products in front of their potential consumers with a hook to sway the consumers, in other words, be user-centric and creatively persuasive.
For example, you see Apple iPhone ads when you search for phones -

Google Ads for Apple’s iPhone 13

You see specifications written in that ad. Now, while you do see the ads, what makes you click on that ad and purchase the item would be the communication, i.e., what these ads have written in them. That’s creative persuasion. But there is also data orientation that is required. We can look up metrics like CTR (click-through rate- how many people clicked out of the total people who saw the ad), conversion rate (how many people purchased out of the total people who clicked on the ad), etc. These metrics help us decide which ads to work on and which ads to leave alone because they are already working great!
Similarly, in content and social media marketing, one has to be creative in their approach to writing blogs and creating social media posts. And while creating these blog posts, or social media posts there are these metrics that help you get the traction you’re aiming for.

Let’s take the example of 

one of our Instagram posts.

Creativity and Data are interrelated in digital marketing

As this particular post performs well, it gives us insights through data on how we should be doing more such posts, since data shows that people are engaging more.
Thus, our primary goal in writing these posts is creativity, but data is like a compass, pointing us in the right direction for growth and creativity. So, data and creativity in digital marketing go hand in hand.
We see digital marketers enter as content writers or paid ads executives, and carve out a fast-growing career for themselves to become Marketing Managers in 4-5 years.
Bottom line: It is a fast-growing field that has a few core competencies that you need to master post and you become very recruitable.

Can A Part-Time Digital Marketing Course Help My CV?

Absolutely, YES!
Do you know what’s more attractive than a person trying to create the life of their dreams? Acing it in two different fields. You take care of your responsibilities, while you also manage your time to learn the skills from the part-time digital marketing course.
You learn to prioritize tasks based on their urgency and your interest. And you learn unbeatable time management skills, a skill that’s in high demand! This sets you apart from the crowd. And trust us, this looks attractive to your potential recruiters.
This way, you learn to juggle between tasks. And going ahead in your career, this one skill is going to work for your recruiters to consider you for a managerial role, as being a manager means managing a lot of tasks at a time.
Apart from this, the  part-time digital marketing course happens for a good 6-9 months and lets you add another certification to your CV. Outcome? Stellar CV built!
And if you’re a working professional, you upskill yourself and at the same time gain work experience, aside from being financially independent. You gain control over your life and it helps you gain confidence as well.

Outcome: Your Future Is Bright

Now that we know the pros and how to be in control of your time, the opportunities that digital marketing brings on our platter, and build an impressive CV at the same time, this future doesn't seem that far-fetched, does it?
Digital marketing as it is, a booming industry, and has taken over traditional marketing by 10 folds if we’re being modest. Hence, as the demand for digital marketing increases, the demand for digital marketing professionals increases too. And digital marketing becomes a high-paying career (read: you get rich soon :p).

Thus, enrolling in a part-time digital marketing course gets you the ticket to a high-paying career, as digital marketing does not require an additional degree for you to get started. All you need is to master some core skills of digital marketing and you’re good to go!

So, apart from digital marketing , already being the ultimate career choice, we hope the reasons mentioned helped you understand why enrolling in a  part-time digital marketing course might just be the way out for you!