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How Do You Crack Kraftshala’s Screening Test for The Marketing Launchpad?

Kraftshala’s Screening Test Syllabus
So you are interested in getting into Kraftshala’s Marketing Launchpad. But then, there’s this hurdle called the “Screening Test” that you have to get through. And since you’ve stumbled upon this blog, you’re probably confused about how to prepare for the test.

Let’s help you crack it.

First, Why Does Kraftshala Have a Screening Test?

Kraftshala’s Target Audience
If you go through our digital marketing course’s website , you’ll see we’ve outright mentioned that we look for high-potential graduates who are ambitious and want to make it in their chosen careers. They may have gone through some rough patches in their lives, but that doesn’t stop them from becoming kickass marketers. So could be you.

And to actually get them and you, we consider Kraftshala’s screening test as a filtering process.

On the surface level, you might think that this is an elimination step. And it is. But, take it as a step that helps two entities who are intended to meet, meet.

It also helps understand if you will be able to keep up with the course, as it’s a highly immersive course where we ask you to spend 10 hours every day with us for 22 weeks.

Kraftshala’s Screening Test Has Four Sections to It

They are:
  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Reverse Marketing
  • English Comprehension

For any candidate like you who enrolls in our digital marketing course, we provide this material that helps them prepare. But, let’s take a step further in this blog.

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation:

This part of the screening test checks how you’ll handle decision-making within a time constraint. Logical reasoning allows you to see numbers and figures beyond their face value.

When you’re good at logical reasoning, you can look at the patterns and understand why a certain action (say, X) takes place when you do Y. Looking at data and making sense of it becomes easier. For someone to be kickass at marketing, this is a prerequisite.

And so to test your logical reasoning, this section asks you to solve questions on Sequences, Directions, Family Relationships, Arrangements, Number Series, Analogies, Data Sufficiency, etc.

For example, questions like:

Example 1 of a logical reasoning question for Kraftshala’s Screening Test
Example 2 of a logical reasoning question for Kraftshala’s Screening Test

Some Resources That Can Help You Practice Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation

KraftTips to Help Crack the Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Section:

When you prepare for logical reasoning and data interpretation, keep in mind that familiarity with questions is key here. Logical reasoning thrives on patterns and logic that might look different at first glance. But with enough practice, you’ll find that the logic behind solving these questions will be familiar to you - something you’ve already done before.

And one golden trick to solving logical reasoning questions is to note down every piece of information given in a question. For instance, if you get a question related to arrangements, note down every piece of information. This will help you connect the dots and put together all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Quantitative Ability

Crunching data is an everyday job for a marketer. You’ll have to deal with spreadsheets and data often. So, how do we make sure that you are well-versed in the basics of quantitative aptitude?

This section tests your ability to solve numerical problems by asking you to solve questions ranging from numbers, algebra, and arithmetic.

You get questions on Numbers, HCF and LCM, Time and Work, Ratios and Proportion, Percentages, Divisibility, Time, Speed and Distance, Profit and Loss, and Mixtures and Alligation.

For example, questions like:

Example 1 of a quantitative ability question for Kraftshala’s Screening Test
Example 2 of a quantitative ability question for Kraftshala’s Screening Test

Some Resources That Can Help You Practice Quantitative Ability And Ace Kraftshala’s Screening Test:

KraftTips to Help Crack the Quantitative Ability Section:

Quantitative ability is one section that comes bearing gifts. If you’re good at it, you’ll find it the most scoring section of all. Guess why?

It all depends on the concepts. You’ll find some application-based questions too, but being clear with the mathematical concepts gives you an edge over solving any type of question.

So, when you go about preparing for this section, revise topics and concepts.

For instance, the topic ‘Time and Work’ has questions like: ‘the total amount of work done by two people in X days. How much work was done by two of them separately in a day?’

You’ll have formulas to attend these kinds of questions. But, get to the bottom of understanding how these formulas work, so you’re clear about the specific concept and can tackle any sort of question related to this topic.

When you get a little comfortable with these concepts, start tracking time. Track how much time you take to solve a particular question. Analyze where you get stuck. And figure out how you can avoid getting stuck. You’ll have a time constraint in this screening test, so it’s a must that you are able to solve questions in the minimum time.

Marketing Acumen: Reverse Marketing

Reverse marketing is one skill that answers - “What are other marketers doing with their brands?”

Call it the art of deducing the strategy of an advertisement.

The marketing industry is a user-centric world and demands its people to keep users at the center of their operations. And reverse marketing is one way that helps you think from the user’s point of view, understanding what makes a user tick.

Here, you approach an advertisement from a marketer’s point of view and figure out what problem a brand is trying to solve. More importantly, whose problem is it?

Reverse marketing consists of figuring out three things:

  1. Business Objective: What is the brand trying to achieve through this advertising campaign?

  2. Target Audience: Who are they targeting?

  3. Communication Challenge: What is that one core communication objective that the target audience really cares about? Something that the brand solves?

Some Resources That Can Help You Learn Reverse Marketing

To ace this section, you MUST go through these videos linked below in the same order to get a better understanding of reverse marketing.

The Framework Covers:

  1. Introduction to Reverse Marketing
  2. Growth Equation
  3. Business Objective Amazon
  4. Is Uber trying to gain new Users?
  5. Is Uber trying to Increase frequency?
  6. Defining a User
  7. User - Thums Up
  8. Defining Communication Challenge

KraftTips to Help Crack the Reverse Marketing Section:

The only way to ace this section is to watch the reverse marketing videos again and again. You can make notes of the concepts and create a flowchart for yourself if it helps.

You might be thinking, “why do we have this section in the screening test?”

Simply put, to understand your intent of applying to our digital marketing course.

It’s not that you have to get all the answers right here. Understanding reverse marketing and communication challenge takes time and a lot of practice. So, what we focus on here is your approach to solving the questions we ask you.

We also evaluate your written English, grammar, and the way you articulate your thoughts. If you’re interested in our content writing and social media marketing course , it’s an absolute must that you are good at writing skills and grammar. And the best way to show this is by writing well in this section.

Language Aptitude - Reading and Grammar Comprehension

Now, this section is the ultimate decision-maker for you if you want to opt for our content writing and social media marketing course .

As you’d know, to be good at content, you need to have a good grasp of English. Also, you need to have critical thinking skills - as writing involves a lot of thinking. We understand that critical thinking can be taught, but a sense of direction helps. We check that through our reading comprehension.

And to go a level deeper on understanding your grasp of the language, we test your grammar through grammar comprehension.

Some Resources That Can Help You Ace Language Aptitude

KraftTips to Help Crack the Language Aptitude Section:

To ace this section, the first thing to keep in mind is not to rush into solving the questions.

It’s a misconception that you have to read fast to solve the reading comprehension questions. Steer clear from this.

When you approach reading comprehension, read slowly. Not fast. The motive here should be to grasp everything that’s in a passage. Read to understand. Make a mental map of the sequence of information provided in that passage. And then, move on to solving the questions.

And to prepare better for grammar comprehension, the resources shared above alone will be enough!

It’s not a tough test to crack. It doesn’t test your memory or intelligence. All it tests is your potential and your willingness to take charge of your life with us. Because, believe it or not, we’re always here for you whenever you choose to take the test.

All the best for the screening test. See you on the other side soon!