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Resources for Placement Prep: A Kraftshala Repository

The following is a repository of resources to help you prepare for job interviews and CVs. We hope you find this useful!


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Some specific videos:

How to get shortlisted by an applicant tracking system

How to present your non-relevant work ex (like tech) in a marketing interview



Functional Questions

How to analyse ads
One of the most common questions in marketing interviews is “what's your favourite ad campaign and why”. It’s a question that reveals more about the knowledge of a marketing candidate than almost any other. The following playlist helps you to deal with the topic:
On a related topic, here’s a complete analysis of the marketing campaigns in the Delhi elections of 2020.


Attribution is the science and art of how to figure which digital platforms are working best for you. An introduction to the the topic and the models that are employed in the industry are mentioned here:
Brand Essence
What does an Area Sales Manager in an FMCG company have to do?

Behavioural Questions

Company specific insights




Additional Resources

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