Sales Leadership

with INDUSTRYCreds™ Certification and Live Projects

An exclusive program for handpicked students from B-Schools across the country.

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An online sales training course built as an active industry immersion to give you a distinctive edge in internships, placements & beyond. The program features industry forward frameworks and concepts which will help you master both B2B and B2C sales and Ecom setups paired with a practical, hands-on experience of growing categories and working the market.

We are training you to master ‘industry’s way’ of doing things. And our programs deliver that training 10% through content, 20% through feedbacks and discussions and 70% by doing it yourself
Kraftshala Industry Expert curated content

Access to content built from experiences of top industry experts converted into simple frameworks

Marketing live projects by Kraftshala

Real immersion Real immersion in the role of an Ecom Category Manager and Sales manager by working on a guided LIVE Project for 7-8 weeks

Personalised coaching by Kraftshala

Personalised Coaching on how to strategize campaigns from highly experienced brand / marketing managers managers

INDUSTRYCreds™ certification by Kraftshala

INDUSTRYCreds™ certification score, a performance matrix that helps you signal your potential to top recruiters

1-1 mentorships by Kraftshala

1-1 mentorships and additional sessions for assistance during internships and placements

with insights on:

Chinmay Panday | JBIMS Mumbai Batch’19

Placed at HUL

INDUSTRYCreds™ Score: 88

Sales Leadership Program


“I cannot narrow it down to a particular one thing about Kraftshala that helped me. It's about how their online sales training course in its entirety familiarised me with the marketing concepts through rich content and the application of those concepts through live projects. Doing the projects with Kraftshala's Sales Leadership program gave me an understanding of how things work and thus during internship gave me a headstart in understanding the processes and working my way through my internship project more productively”


In case you are aspiring for a B2C sales role in consumer goods, e-commerce, banking or a B2B sales role in healthcare and IT etc, then this online sales training program would be suited for you.

Our past students have ranged from campuses like IIM A, IIM B, IIM C, IIM I, IIM L, IIM K, SPJAIN, MDI, ISB and also BIMTECH, SIIB, KJSOM, VGSOM, amongst many more.

Admissions Process

Step 1: Apply to Kraftshala

Apply to any of the program of your preference - Digital Brand Building, Brand Building, Sales Leadership or any of the Preparatory Packages. In case you are not clear, you can always talk to our Admissions Team and change your preference post applying.

Step 2: Appear for the Screening Test

Take our Screening Test which will test you on logical ability, user centricity and ability to grasp and apply concepts that we teach. Practice material will be shared with you beforehand. This is an elimination step.

Step 3: LIVE discussion on the Screening Test

Upon completion of the Screening Test, you’ll get an invitation to attend a live session by an expert to get clarity on how you could have approached the Test questions. While we can only accept a handful of students, we’d like to help everyone who attempted the Test to become better marketing and sales professionals.

Step 4: Enrollment

We will be taking 2-10 students from every campus. Offers will be rolled out basis your profile and your performance in the test! If you get in, welcome to the ride 🙂


Your best shot at converting a PPO by gaining exposure to industry’s way of doing things

Your best shot at cracking marketing & sales roles with the top recruiters visiting your campus.

Your best shot at National Case Study competitions