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Fastest path to marketing leadership in the digital age

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The Professional Brand Management in the Digital Age is an intensive program which delivers decades worth of hard-earned insights & industry experience in 20 weeks. You learn side-by-side from industry experts who’ve built their careers growing brands across sectors and industries and leveraging traditional and digital media to drive business growth.
This will be unlike any other educational experience that you have had online - or even in your MBA programs.

Built with 100% industry expertise, 0% fluff

Course designed & delivered 100% by industry’s top practitioners

You learn best from people who have succeeded in the roles that you want to be in.

Get up to speed through tons of frameworks for identifying brand objectives, identifying an insight, structuring campaigns, evaluating media plans, and more. You learn not just the digital tools, but how to precisely use each of those in different contexts.

Along with our industry experts, we’ve brought tons of insights on the challenges that you face as a marketing professional. Our in-house team has converted all those insights into thought structures which are easy to understand and apply.
Brand Oppourtunity, Keyword Research, Funnel Framework of Professional Brand Management course|Kraftshala

In-depth understanding comes from solving real business problems yourself

Marketing recruiters hire lateral talent with relevant experience as they can add value from day 1. In this program, you gain that experience by working on a real business problem. This batch will be working with LEGO to solve an actual problem faced by the brand.

There will be feedbacks at every stage to help you improve and become confident of leading a brand.
Devi Pradeep, Manager, Digital Marketing, TAFE

You get better at marketing by discussing, not by just doing it yourself

A large part of marketing is articulating your thoughts, taking in new ideas from peers, getting perspectives on your work from experienced / specialised professionals to deliver a fantastic output. Nothing prepares you better for marketing leadership roles than this!

The course promotes this sentiment by making you work in groups of 3-4 and discussing your work with industry experts.
Industry Experts led Online Brand Management course

Program Trainers

Varun Satia, Co-founder & CEO, Kraftshala
Varun Satia
Co-founder & CEO, Kraftshala Ex-Nestle | FMS Delhi’ 11
Eshu Sharma, Co-Founder and Head of New Programs
Eshu Sharma
Co-Founder and Head of New Programs, Kraftshala | Ex- Unilever |FMS Delhi’ 16
Nishtha Jain, Head of Marketing, Kraftshala
Nishtha Jain
Head of Marketing, Kraftshala Ex-Nestle, GSK-CH | IIM Lucknow’13
Shivang Sethiya, Marketing Training Manager, Kraftshala
Shivang Sethiya
Marketing Training Manager, Kraftshala Ex-Marketing Manager, Airbnb (8 years+ exp.)
Sunny Jaiswal, Director of Performance Marketing - LATAM, Linio Group
Sunny Jaiswal
Director of Performance Marketing - LATAM, Linio Group | ex-Digital head, eBay
Dinesh Sajnani, Digital Training Manager, Kraftshala
Dinesh Sajnani
Digital Training Manager, Kraftshala | 8 years+ agency experience managing Spotify, Hersheys, Kelloggs, etc.
Kunal Malhotra, Category Marketing Head, Chocolates, Nestle
Kunal Malhotra
Category Marketing Head, Chocolates, Nestle | ex-Coca Cola, Loreal, Dabur
Sudeep Chawla, Category Head, Pidilite
Sudeep Chawla
Category Head, Pidilite Ex-Mondelez
Piyush Dhanuka, Senior Manager, Google Ads, Google
Piyush Dhanuka
Senior Manager, Google Ads, Google | ex-P&G
Ajitesh Pandey, Senior Manager, Earned Media,
Ajitesh Pandey
Senior Manager, Earned Media, Ex- SEO Head,
Ashish Agrawal, Head of Digital Marketing at Zycus
Ashish Agrawal
Head of Digital Marketing at Zycus ex-Conde Nast
Shanker Mohan, Associate Director, Growth, MFine
Shanker Mohan
Associate Director, Growth, MFine Ex-Amazon, Star TV

You will also interact with CEOs and CMOs like

Pallav Jain, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Performics India
Nandu Nandkishore, Former Global CEO Nestle Nutrition, and later EVP and head Asia, Oceania, Africa for Nestlé S.A.
Arvind Bhandari, Global Head, Wyeth Nutrition, Nestle SA at Nestlé
Nandu Nandkishore
Former Global CEO Nestle Nutrition, and later EVP and
head Asia, Oceania, Africa for Nestlé S.A.
Surabhi Tripathi, Senior Brand Manager, Pepsico
I took up this program to update my skills and be ready for the Brand Management role that I had taken up at that time. I got to learn frameworks and concepts in absolute granularity and they are directly applicable to my job on a daily basis! The journey has been great and this was totally worth my time!
You can check out her Linkedin Profile here.

How will this help me succeed in marketing roles?

Unlike campuses where you are hired for potential, later hiring / internal movements happen on the basis of your ability to deliver from Day 1. In that context, career planning laterally requires a different approach.

With Kraftshala, you will go through the process of planning your career with CAMP (Career Acceleration Module for Professionals). It paves the shortest path to your dream roles.


INR 85,000 + GST

Low Cost EMI options available

Your safe space for life with a tribe of like-minded people.

You will be a part of a group of 3-4 people who will come from different experiences. But all of you will have the zeal to go over and above to learn and succeed in marketing and thus will become your safe space! In addition, you get access to a closed knit community of 2500+ ambitious professionals (and growing) becomes available to you for all kinds of support.

Join other participants from companies like

Kraftshala partner companies
Kraftshala partner companies

Here are some heartfelt stories from our alumni!

We’ve put together some of them but you can also connect with them directly to hear it yourself if you clear the screening test!

Who Should Apply?

This program is designed for people with potential to become marketing leaders. We select applicants based on their performance in the Screening Test and overall profile. It's relevant for both current and aspiring B2C and B2B brand builders.

Admissions Process

Step 1: Apply for the brand management course

Fill up the form on the website and choose your screening test date out of the 2 given weekend slots.The duration of the test is about 1.5 hours and you can give it over the weekend as per your schedule.

Step 2: Prepare for the test / Address your queries

You will be given practice material for the Screening Test beforehand. These will be a set of videos containing proprietary frameworks of Kraftshala. You will also be connecting with our counsellors at this point to address any queries that you may have.

Step 3: Appear for the Screening Test

You will receive the details of the test at the start of the weekend. The test will be followed up by an invitation to a discussion (in small batches) on the questions asked in the Test. While we can only accept a handful of students, we’d like to help everyone who attempted the Test to become better marketing professionals.

Step 4: Enrollment

If you clear the screening test, you are in! Welcome to the ride🙂