Team Kraftshala in Marketing |   May 31, 2022 . 2 min read

Decoding the Colour Experience Store by Asian Paints: A short Marketing Case

How does India's largest paint company solve its most pressing business issue?

To find out, Kraftshala sent its students on a mission - The Reverse Marketing Mission. The students visited Asian Paints Colour Experience Store in Connaught Place, New Delhi to gain a first hand experience of how the company has brought evolution in this space.

Here’s a little backstory to the Indian Paints Category:
Indian Consumers have never been comfortable applying paint themselves. A Do it Yourself (DIY) is considered as low status. Even the purchase of paints is done by contractors rather than the homeowners.
These stores are often dark, cluttered spaces, stocking endless tins of paint and offer a depressing consumer experience.
As a category leader, Asian Paints believed that the path to growth required evolution. Evolution from being known as a paint manufacturer to a home décor expert.
So, what was the insight that led to this transformation?
What did Asian Paints discover that led to them to invest in and create this beautiful experience?
What our students figured out was that – The store doesn’t even sell Paint! Instead it creates an inspirational and educational colour decoration experience. It presents products within lifestyle contexts with easy-to understand choices.
As you start off the entire store experience starts with what Asian Paints stands for – Colours in the lives and the experience of their customers. The students actually see how Marketing is done to real people, how the conversion is done and how the deals are cracked.
It uses technology to create an interactive and personalized colour solution and most importantly, it lets them have fun with colours. People do not come to you when you are trying to hardsell but instead when they want to create an experience for you.
Asian Paints realised that people want their homes to reflect their personality and individuality, many are not confident of their experience or “taste” in aesthetics.
Asian Paints Journey from being a Paint Manufacturer to a Home décor Expert
As a category leader, Asian Paints realized that the path to success required Evolution. What people needed was a guide, and a partner to their journey of transforming their homes into heavens. So they built the most inspirational customer experience, giving them free consultation with design experts, and in fact using the 3D modelling on the consumers’ actual home images, helping them visualize how their house would look even before they started the work. This is rooted in customer centricity. In essence, they helped consumers gain confidence to truly express themselves through their homes. Watch the Kraftshala students as they reverse market the strategy behind it and experience colours like they have never experienced before.